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2019 Abstract Submission and Poster Presentation Guideline
등록일 2019.07.30 작성자 관리자 조회 477
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1) Abstract must be prepared in English using Microsoft Word 2003 (or higher) on A4 paper.

2) Abstract shall not be longer than 300 words.

3) The abstract must take the following structure: Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions, and Acknowledgements.

4) Name, last name, affiliation, address and contact details of authors shall be stated clearly.

5) Download abstract template file provided by KAPDOH.

    (abstract template_KAPDOH General conference.docx)

6) Abstract submissions are to be made by email. At the time of application, please be sure to set the title of the email as “Abstract submission”, and attach your abstract file in email (kapdoh1961@gmail.com).

7) Abstract submission deadline: October 10

8) After receiving accepting email (October 10) of submitted abstract, presenting author must pre-register at website of KAPDOH by October 16. Failure to pre-register will result in the automatic withdrawal of your presentation.



The board will be used VERTICALLY

Dimensions of the poster board are 90 cm wide × 140 cm high.

These are the maximum dimensions to follow when creating your poster, but it is recommended you make your poster smaller.

All posters must be mounted on pre-numbered poster boards before the start of the poster viewing session. Double-sided tape(Velcor) will be provided for mounting of posters.



Accepted and registered poster presenter will receive a PRESENTATION NUMBER for their poster presentation by October 15. The Presentation Number will identify the poster in the Program Book.

You are required to stay at your poster at your assigned presentation time only. You are not required to during the entire viewing time. Co-authors and/or mentors may be available to assist in answering questions, however, they may not present the paper.